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soon to be a 'Canon/DSLR newbie' here!

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--- Quote from: neuroanatomist on December 02, 2012, 01:12:41 PM ---I'd get the 18-135mm kit lens, and consider the cheaper 50/1.8 initially - versatility of a zoom plus low light capability of a fast prime for a reasonable cost.

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Yes, when it is a new venture, you want to have versatility the most so you don't sour soon or feel frustrated... being stuck with one focal length will do that to most people. You will find the 50mm rather tough in cramped spaces. Plus, on the crop-sensor it is not even a "normal" lens really, it is a "portrait lens" and will not be wide enough for kids running around indoors. With the zoom, you may have to work on the higher ISO end but 60D will do ok within limits here.

Hands down I will go with the zoom first and then expand out to primes. Else you may feel a tad cramped :)

Edit: Dang! Neuro covered the portrait lens part as I was typing.

Just to add - if you've got the budget for the 60D, 18-135 kit, and 50/1.4, you might still be better off getting the 50/1.8...and a 430EX II.  Yes, the 60D has a built-in flash...but nothing says point-and-shoot snapshot like the popup flash. It's great for fill light outdoors, but as a main flash indoors, a 430EX II bounced off the ceiling will look a lot better.

Welcome to the club, you're on your way to becoming a poor man. :)

Get the longest zoom you can find, I would say even a third party 18-270mm. IQ should be the least of your concerns, anything you get will have better IQ than your P&S. Since you're just starting out you'll need flexibility and range, the zoom gives you so much freedom to develop your style.


--- Quote from: wellfedCanuck on December 02, 2012, 01:47:41 PM ---Neuro answered your questions, but I have one for you: have you considered the latest Rebel versus the 60D? Generally, the T4i's about $300 cheaper than the 60D, the features are in the same league

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... but not the usability, the larger size, the lcd screen and back dial make a large difference in handling (at least to me).

Welcome and congrats.  Read your manual and take shots of averything you can with multiple settings.  Digital pics are real cheap.


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