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What do you guys think are canon's most disappointing achievements this year? Choose 3, evaluate, and talk about what you think is coming

an overpriced ff 6d package
31 (14.9%)
tons of expensive is primes
31 (14.9%)
a 24-70f4 is costing about $1,500
28 (13.5%)
the pro l L primes are loosing to new zooms(24-70's), and the new Sigma lenses are coming out on top! (35mm 1.4)
13 (6.3%)
a very nice 1dx, but the extermination of a pro crop censor for wild life shooters.
7 (3.4%)
2new rebels in 1 year with a third on the way
5 (2.4%)
a curious mirror less eos m, with a second camera on the way, and only 2 lenses
15 (7.2%)
The combination of the 60d and the 7d, to make a combo, giving ameutures and pro's the same camera, no seperation
6 (2.9%)
The apparent idea of combining all the aps-c cameras, where all pros would have to move to ff, and soccer moms would get 20mp, 10fps, and a pro body and not to mention some crappy ef-s zoom
10 (4.8%)
The 3d/4d talk, but no results
12 (5.8%)
No word and long postponement of the 14-24 l and 200-400
25 (12%)
Canon is leaving the amateurs in the dark with no 7d ii or 70d, and no new ef-s lenses
25 (12%)

Total Members Voted: 108

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Re: Canon's roadmap
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I can see more than half of those pictures taken by 5D mark II.

Not half, more like a quarter.  A link to a metadata analysis of those image was posted in this thread.

I wonder...  All those people posting that Canon is behind, that they have to catch up, whatever...what do they think about Canon being behind when a collection of Reuters' 'best images' of the year was shot with the camera distribution in that collection?  I realize that there are many categories of photographer besides photojournalists, but eyeballing the pie chart, Nikon has 9-10%, Sony 1%, and Canon around 90% of the images in the collection.  When seeing a piece of data like that, it helps put some of Canon's design choices (e.g. the 1D X)  into perspective.

Sorry, I'm wrong but I think it's more than a third.  :)

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Re: Canon's roadmap
« Reply #45 on: December 04, 2012, 07:25:52 PM »