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Milenium Bridge

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Very nice... my wife was born and raised in newcastle before moving to the states... hopefully we will make it back out again in a year or two.

The Millennium Bridge was one of the first landmarks I saw when I moved to Britain (where I no longer reside), so it brings back fond memories.

When I was younger I used to drink down their on occasion and it was a very dodgy area, filthy and very rough. Amazing place now The Baltic modern art gallery and lots of other nice places. The "Geordies" locals are very friendly but really like to party. Great place.


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--- Quote from: kubelik on December 03, 2012, 06:08:03 PM ---contrary to adam, I really dig the mono version.  it's got a certain kick to it that the color sort of lacks by comparison.

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So do I.

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Ditto. Sorry but I shot only B&W between 67 and 81 so I am biased to B&W...


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