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Normal Lens or High-End Compact?

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My telephoto lenses are flawless works of perfection - 100 2.0 and 200 2.8, but I can't seem to figure out what's the "best" normal zoom or prime (for my T1i).  I currently have a Sigma 30 1.4, but it just doesn't blow me out like the telephoto primes do.  I'm considering, though, the venerable 17-55 (will likely upgrade to the 7D II one day).
Has anyone thrown in the towel and just use a high-end compact for the normal range/general photography, travel, etc. and the DSLR for sports? 
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Has anyone ever used so many emoticons strung together?  *wink*

IMO, the EF-S 17-55mm is the best general purpose zoom for APS-C.  But primes will often give better IQ (there are exceptions) and almost always thinner DoF, etc., since f/2.8 is the fastest zoom available. 

The IQ from your T1i and a 17-55mm will far exceed what you'd get from a high-end P&S in almost all cases.  I do have an S100, but that's only for times when it's just not feasible to bring the dSLR (the S100 fits in a pocket, which is why I have no real interest in a G-series, etc., although the Sony RX-100 is tempting for the larger sensor in the same size chassis).

Thanks.  Maybe, then, getting the 40 2.8 for when traveling light is a great thing.  That leaves a 17-55 vs Sigma 30 1.4 debate.  On image quality alone would the 17-55 maybe be preferred in most cases?  I'm getting good with my flash and don't really need less than 2.8 for non-indoor sports pics. 

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+1 for the shorty forty however it is an odd length on a crop.


--- Quote from: crasher8 on December 05, 2012, 10:55:58 AM ---+1 for the shorty forty however it is an odd length on a crop.

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64 is an even number.   :P

I do like the 40/2.8 on my 1D X, though...


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