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24-70 II tested at SLR gear


I looked at SLR gear site....where they tested the 24-70 II ...

I collected the graphs and compared with ....
 the 24L, 35L 50L ...and for lack of something better ...the 70mm position of the 70-200 II.

looking at chromatics also....

seems to do fairly well....
(MAYBE the 35L is ready for a replacement ....with these chromatics and with Sigma release - IMO
But I do love my 35L)

would liked to have seen better performance at 70mm..   and especially I.S.  ....
(I guess we are spoiled by the recent Canon lens releases)

but for this difficult compares pretty the overall quality of the 70-200 II
(well ...really..... very little compares to the 70-200 II)

thought it would be of interest to know that this test is up....


UPDATE note:

the 24mm L prime and 35mm L prime  sharpness graphs are swapped ... (24mm is under the 35mm  zoom column)


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