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Is no one interested in macro?

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I see that hardly anyone is posting in the macro topic.  Thought I would liven it up with a few water drop shots from the last week.

Magic Lamp by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

Barista by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

A Window Into It by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

The Goblet of Drops by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

There aren't too many insects for me to photograph at the moment and I don't have the patience for water drops :P. Actually, insect numbers have been low over here this year, due to the very wet year. It's nice to see something a little different with the water drops, usually they all look pretty much the same, just in different colours, you've managed to get some interesting shapes.

Here are a couple of recent ones.

Female Common Hawker Head by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Cladonia Lichen by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Very nice.  I have also spent some time photographing abstract nature this time of year.  They are very common right now with our wet weather in the PNW.

Shroomworld by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

Not my pics but I found them really "WOW".  These are just some of the images that I aspire to get.  I shared them for inspiration.


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