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Lensbaby - any users out there ?


My wife was lost for a gift to for me this Christmas, after a discussion over lunch, we went and ordered a Lensbaby Composer for me...   

Any users out there, any tips for a beginner ?

I use the original Lensbaby - it's great fun. Best advice I can give is just to play with it and see what you like best. I carry it all the time, and prefer to use it fairly wide open most of the time.

I have one the 35mm one with the composer with 12 circular aperture blades, the thing is a bokeh monster
if you like bokeh you will love it

its got very very nice oof quite soft wide open and also very very shallow dof so i prefer to shoot it stopped down a bit if possible as its quite sharp when stopped down and this also makes the dof a bit more useable than shooting wide open, its a fun lens, light compact, great fun lens for resteraunts out with family or friends
i have found manual focusing better with it on my 5Dmk2 with the bright screen than the standard screen


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