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100mm macro L on a 7d

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Hi everyone,I have been using a 7d for about a year now and I know its limitations quite well.I am sure ff is the way to go for the future though I am pretty sure a 6d isn't the answer for a 7d user (atleast me).

 I'm 17, still a student and 10 years away from a ff upgrade the 100 macro might as well be my last lens so I was wondering if its the right choice for a portrait/lowish light lens with a macro bonus.or should I consider something else within that budget (not the non l version I'm pretty sure about that too)

P.S- I  love taking shots in low light and light painting (i know, 7d is a perfect camera for that) so I am pretty frustrated on being limited to bright daylight shots so any tips are welcome,after all in 10 years point and shoots will have better ISO performance so i'll make the switch then

Thanks in advance

P.P.S- this is my first post ,really interested on what neuro has to say

The 100L Macro performs very well on a 7D.  If you want to shoot macro and an occasional portrait, the it's a great purchase.  But IMO, I'd not really describe it as a lens that's ideal for low light/portrait use.  Staying within that budget, I'd recommend considering getting the 50mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.8 for low light and portraits (depending on focal length preference - I like tighter portraits, love the 85mm FoV on APS-C) and the 100mm non-L (or the EF-S 60mm, since FF is a ways off) for macro shooting.

If you write a 100 macro might as well be your last lens for a while, what are your other lenses? Do you happen to already have any fast 50mm or 85mm primes?

I'd suggest the 85 F1.8 or 50F1.4 here as well. I have the 100 LIS and it's a nice lens, but it's more of a niche lens (unless you need it for macro) I nearly always have the 50 for low-light shooting. The 100 L IS is quite large too compared to the other two, so take that into account if you take your camera outside often.

I have a 50mm 1.8 and a 18-135kit lens would sell both to get the 100macro


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