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LP-E6 battery failure - Canon 6D

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I just got a Canon 6D. I sold my 5D Mark II a year ago, and kept my two extra Canon LP-E6 batteries. They should work fine on the 6D, but I get zero response when I put them in the 6D. Any ideas why? (The LP-E6 battery which came with the 6D works fine).

Perhaps related to this, I charged the older batteries first, but I never got a solid green light -- it only progressed to the fast-flashing orange light stage of the charge. Are these batteries toast, perhaps due to non-use? I'm perplexed about why they both failed like this.

How were they stored?  If they were nearly empty when you put them away for the year, they may have self-discharged beyond the recovery point. Or, if they were fully charged then exposed to heat for a whine, that can permanently damage them. The fact that they couldn't be fully charged suggests they're dead (nothing to do with the 6D).

Mt Spokane Photography:
As Neuro noted, batteries self discharge, and can reach the point where the internal electronics will not let it take a charge.
Here is some information that applies to most all lithium ion batteries.

Thanks for your thoughts. They were both fully charged a year ago, and stored in a cool dry place for these past 12 months. Per that article (link), do you guys know if there is any charger that has a "wake-up feature or boost" to reactivate and charge LP-E6 batteries that have fallen asleep? It would be a shame to throw away these expensive Canon batteries.

A discussion was going on at dpreview about this issue a few days ago:

Basically the 6D does not recognize 3rd party batteries, but they still function and provide power. I have one and it works fine, just no indication on the LCD or in the menu of its status.


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