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LP-E6 battery failure - Canon 6D

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Actually, these are not third party batteries -- they are authentic Canon LP-E6 batteries. The issue seems to be that they gradually discharged, the internal voltage is very low, and now the Canon charger can't "wake them up" to begin the charging process.

Do you guys know any way to reactivate and charge LP-E6 batteries that have fallen asleep?

Try this instruction:

It helped me.

I'm going thru the same freaking problem.. the instructions above didn't work because my brothers (60D) batteries and my charger (or his charger) are brand new...

I bought the new 6D and I'm trying to use the LP-E6 from my brother's 60D.. and the camera won't read the batteries at all.. the camera works, but I cannot see the full batteries bar, and the screen says "communication with canon lp-e6 battery is irregular. continue to use this battery?" .. strange because his batteries are original and new.. and both cameras by Canon website uses LP-E6!! freaking strange...

Btw, I contacted Canon CPS.. waiting for the answer.. seems to be an newer version of the LP-E6 batteries.. just ridiculous! They should change the name for LP-E7 or something...

I contacted Canon.. they will investigate this stupid thing..

many people has the same problems about the 6D using older version of LP-E6..

the problem above, the guy was using aftermarket decoded batteries.. I'm using ORIGINAL and got the same problem!!

Mt Spokane Photography:
I've seen about 3 or maybe 4 versions of the LP-E6, but they have all worked fine in my 5D MK II, 7D, and 5D MK III cameras.  I have bought all from a reputable camera dealer.  There are a lot of counterfit ones around that are sold on ebay, and some have appeared from 3rd party sellers at Amazon.  Even some camera stores in the UK got fooled into selling them a couple of years back.  The ones Amazon sells have always been genuine.  I've had 8 or 10 over the years, but having sold off my two 5D MK II's, two 7D's, and one 5D MK III, I have just two LP-E6 batteries and a 5D MK III at the moment.


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