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Re: The Land of Crazy or.... ? [CR1]
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Very strange. The actual 7D is placed right in the middle between the 60D (with its lacks of pro options) and the 5D Mark II (with its complete pro bundle). Now the 7D Mark II would enter the Full Frame category and even partially replacing the 1D Mark IV? Now I don't see the point of getting a 5D Mark III if the 7DII will be doing what a 5DII can.

Read the rumour! The 7D MK2 will have a 24MP FF sensor, the 5D MK3 will get a 32MP FF sensor.

The 5D MK3 will also have superior video to the 7D MK2.

I wonder how many 5D MK2 owners will go for the 7D MK2 rather than the 5D MK3 with this line up?

If you're not shooting video, the 7D MK2 would be the superior camera - unless you want the extra MP.

I could easily see myself going from a 5D MK2 to a 7D MK2 if this rumour were true because video is a really small part of what I shoot. But for all of those "indie" film folks using the 5D MK2 to make video clips/movies/TV shows, etc, they won't even look at the 7D MK2 -  the 5D MK3 will be everything that they want. For folks that need the highest MP, they'll also go for the 5D MK3.
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Re: The Land of Crazy or.... ? [CR1]
« Reply #45 on: June 26, 2011, 04:10:23 PM »