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To buy M or not to buy M?

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Handled one with the 18-55, yet to handle one with the 22mm on it (which is the kit I would go for)

Like it.  A lot.  A great compliment to my exsisting EOS gear.  If I get it.

However I do use some third party lenses, specifcially concerned about the Tokina 11-16, Sigma 30mm f1.4 and 70mm f2.8.  Lensbaby composer too.

Has anybody used any of these lenses via the EF adaptor? 

I've tested my Lensbaby, also the Sigma 12-24 Mk I and my 600mm Vivitar Solid Cat - all appear to work absolutely fine.

I was at CPS the other day and talking about the M. Most pro photographers have bounced off the M for two main reasons. Slow & erratic AF plus the lack of a viewfinder, either EVF or optical. I guess I fit into this category too. Version-2 may be worth the wait. Personally I'd love one if the AF was up to scratch.


To buy M or not to buy M?
...for me ...a RESOUNDING ....NOT!
I have a FF DSLR Kit.
...but my MFT Kit just shoots circles around the M. Big circles, small circles..all kinds of circles.
Sometimes it shoots circles around my Canon FF when I want to hand-hold a shot in virtual darkness.
My Canon CANNOT do that. Don't get me wrong...I love my has its place..
I personally believe that Canon missed the whole point of mirrorless.
...but I am a serious photographer....I realize that the average consumer may feel much differently.

I have one with the 22mm and EF adaptor. I got it so I don't have to lug my 5D3 everywhere.

A lot of people here bash the EOS-M for what it isn't supposed to be. Those opinions are misguided because the EOS-M isn't supposed to be your DSLR substitute. What it is is a compact with impeccable image quality, full manual control, AF points you can virtually focus anywhere in the scene. And to top it off, can use EF/EF-S lenses! The EOS-M is for those wanting to jump in the photography scene but don't want to get a chunky DSLR. Eventually when those people buy EF/EF-S lenses it'll be a much more economical transition to a DSLR.

Sure the AF is slow - what do you expect from a compact??? But take note the AF speed depends on what lens is on it - STM lenses focus fast, while it's painfully slow with my 16-35mm II. EVF? You don't put an EVF on a compact. Me, I compose just fine from the LCD.

Take the EOS-M for what it is. If you want a smaller body that has proper AF speed, get a 1100D/650D. Or a Sony Nex if you have a lot of money to still invest in another system. Otherwise there is no substitute to the DSLR you currently have.


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