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Photos Accidentally Put in Recycling Bin But Don't Show Up There

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You can use data recovery software, it helped me before. see this guide:


--- Quote from: JPAZ on February 05, 2013, 12:17:30 PM ---DO NOT FORMAT!!!!
Before taking this step, I concur in getting a card reader and then seeing if any of a number of recovery software programs will find the images. 
Once you format the card, the chances of recovery go down, so only do this if the above mentioned steps do not work.
I have been successful in recovering images of a corrupted CF card with Rescue Pro in the past, but there are many equivalent programs available out there.
And (would of, could of, should of), in the future, I'd copy and paste the images from the card to the computer using a card reader.  Once I verified the images were on the computer, then, and only then, would I delete the images from the card.  This is a belt and suspenders approach but it is easy to copy the files again if they are still easily available on the card.

--- End quote ---

In my experience, formatting doesn't make any difference in the ability to recover files as long as it is not a low level format (which writes zeros to the memory rendering data unrecoverable). What formatting will do however is show all the files recoverable and you will have to sift through the gigantic number of files (including your temporary internet files) to trace the ones that you need to recover. 

Look at it this way -

a) you deleted some files ---> run recovery software ---> images show up in the recovery program ---> recover images
b) you deleted some files ---> disk formatted ---> run recovery software ---> all files on the drive show up in the recovery program ---> identify the files you need (maybe with trial & error method) ---> recover images

I know which method I'd choose  :)

does not make sense. if you copied the files like you said, why did they ever leave the CF card? regardless of where you pasted them, copied files should remain in the original location.

i second lightroom import, lots of sorting options, and doesn't delete photos. use the camera to clear the card once you know you have the photos.

No need to say much, lots of good advice, another good reason to use a card reader is to avoid damaging the USB port. I know someone will say what about damaging the card slot, it is not generally the insert remove that causes the problem, it is the accidental wrench on the cable that does the damage!
Plus you will need a card reader to be able to use the recovery software.
The fact that this is repeatable is a concern, they shouldn't have gone anywhere after clicking no, might have to do a test to see if there is a bug in Windows, another one ::), or just your installation or settings.

Cheers Graham.

Curious to see how the OP made out.  Can you let us know?


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