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I Need Suggestions for Photo Book Printers/Binders!

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Hi Everyone!  I'm trying to discover how you guys all make your photo books.  I'm starting to get into this heavily and I want to stay away from the Shutterfly/MPIX gimmicks and create truly custom works for my clients.

Ideas?  Are there any great online companies who can help me get started?  I need really custom stuff without the involuntary bar codes and branding.  I'm guessing...create pages in Photoshop and then send them off to a printer/binder?  Any other options such as websites which offer customizable templates and non-branded printing?

Please help! 

Thanks In Advance!

Have a look at, I think they have everything you need.

Sounds like a job for Bay Photo:

steven kessel:
I second the recommendation for  I've done 3 books with them and I'm totally pleased with the results.  A couple of my friends have used them too and are as happy as I am.

Thanks for starting this one, been meaning to look into it as well.  I was going to just look into what WHCC offers.


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