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I Need Suggestions for Photo Book Printers/Binders!

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Well just got my first book from Blurb and have to say am very pleased with it. Not perfect but any issues I can see I can account for by a mistake at my end. I did very little post processing but a lot of monitor calibration!


I use Zookbinders and WHCC.

Another vote for Blurb!


...but they don't have an inDesign tool pre se... what you do if inDesign is needed is to make big PDF files of the pages you create in InDesign. Don't know about calibration help. That is a fantastic help from Blurb. I have the ProArt 246 and a color munki so will have to see what blurb can do to help me.

Did a few -about 8- of them with blurb in the old times. The provided free software is prob. the best one out there (not counting AI or CS of course). Also you can sell the book from blurb's store.

However the print quality was prob. the worst. The images - that print perfectly at any size from 4x6 to 16x24 or even at 20x30 at a variety of local print stores and mpix - looked like they were printed on a matrix printer.

If you are going for Blurb make sure you read around on their forum:
Plenty of posts like this and interestingly they get closed very quickly ;) Wish the issues would be fixed that fast but I guess policing a forum is just easier.

My next ones will be from a place where I can get quality and layflat books.
I'm also looking into the Chinese connection.. If you're not worried about sending your high res photos to China to a relatively unknown (by us/here) company their rates and quality is pretty good:

Bottom line I'd check a few reviews:
There are some more if you google them with detailed info which prob. will help you more than what we say here ;)


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