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Author Topic: 6D wifi app autofocus not working  (Read 1479 times)


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6D wifi app autofocus not working
« on: January 08, 2013, 01:31:30 AM »
I manage to connect to remote shooting my 6D using android.

But when I press the smaller button of the two button.. It does nothing. I expect it to autofocus,
i tried holding it but still it does nothing. I tried using different android phones, but still the same.

Did I miss any setting? or my 6D may have fault?

I want to check forum before I send it to service center.


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Re: 6D wifi app autofocus not working
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2013, 06:54:49 AM »
Hey dude.

I had exactly the same problem.

It worked the first few times, and then it stopped randomly!
I haven't figured out how to bring it back.

I've twiddled with the Live view settings, in particular the
- AF mode
- Silent mode
options, to no effect.

I just set the AF mode to quick, or something, and I can tap on the screen on a large rectangle (like the LV one)  and then take a photo and it will AF first before shooting.

If you find a way to get it to work again it would be good!

It worked on a Sony Xperia Ray with 2.3.4 and then it stopped working. Then I upgraded to 4.0.1 and it still didn't work.

On an unrelated note, have you manged to get the content sharing from the camera working? To like, upload directly from the camera to facebook et al?. The manual says I have to register the camera with canon something gateway but then the software won't talk to the camera to push some setting cos some certificate is invalid.


Maybe it will work eventually, but, yeah, that's my AF button work around.

Some fun features of the app some people don't know, cos it's not obvious!
- If you tap the picture it rotates it.
- The AF button can be slid up to the take a photo button.
- You can select several to save(to phone)/delete by pressing the weird looking button bottom left.
Why does everyone put a listing of all their camera stuff here?