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Author Topic: Real world use of 6D, WiFi and iPhone for shooting  (Read 1218 times)


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Real world use of 6D, WiFi and iPhone for shooting
« on: December 19, 2012, 07:45:21 PM »
Decided to do a bit of experimenting with my new 6D and the EOS app on an iPhone 5. I set my camera up on a tripod out by the bird feeder then came inside to try to get some shots of some birds feeding.

Caveat, I'm not one for reading instructions first so I jumped in assuming I would figure it out.

It seemed to me that the live view on my phone sometimes would freeze so I had to go with what I was seeing outside vs. what was on my phone. It also seemed that when I took a picture, using the app, the camera might have spent time sending the picture back to the camera or thinking because, again, the view on the phone would freeze for a while so it was hard to tell if the camera was actually taking pictures every time I pushed the button (turns out it was). Oh, one more thing, there is no audio cue or sound to let you know that you have actually taken a picture so sometimes I would push the button multiple times trying to make sure I don't miss a shot only to find out later I took 5 pictures.

I will be playing with this feature more as time goes on. Will report back if I learn something I missed.
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