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New to video...advice needed

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By trade I am a wedding and portrait photographer but I just would like to use the video on the 5d2 & 3 that I have sometime just for fun stuff.  Nothing really business related.  I have just used it a few times around the house, but I would like to learn more about it from a beginners point of view. 

Are there any tutorials, books, websites, etc that are good to get some basics? 


Philip Bloom's website.  He also has some instructional DVD's.  StillMotion has some good info on their website and they come from the wedding world, they also do a tour that you can buy tickets to and it's got a lot of information hands on.  There's really a wealth of stuff out there if all you want to do is to learn the basics, the technical aspects.  If you move on and decide to start trying to make some stuff (for work or well done personal stuff) then after you master the technical aspects there's a whole world out there of things to learn. 

chops411: is a Great site. Dave really explains everything very good for a normal person.


--- Quote from: bluegreenturtle on December 20, 2012, 11:52:17 AM ---Philip Bloom's website.

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+1 on this. Philip Bloom is a fantastic resource. As someone mentioned, he has a DVD set (you can buy then DL them) which are awesome for beginners.

Another great resource is:

DSLR video is a fun world to play in.

Here are a few basics in terms of settings:
Turn Highlight tone priority and noise reduction off.
Use ISO's in multiples of 160 when possible
If you're shooting 24fps, your shutter speed should be 1/50, and 1/60 if shooting 30fps.
Turn sharpness as low as possible (0 on Mark II and 1 on Mark III)
Turn Contrast and Saturation down a couple notches.


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