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I have a CD, but this CD comes from Asia and CIG is not available there. So I'm blocked with no use of the Wifi function of my great 6D

So you can't use the "Upload to web services" feature that goes through CIG.
However, you still can use the other wifi features, like transfer/shoot through your smart phone or tether/view/transfer to your computer.

I had the same problem with my Canon 6D: the Solution Disk found in the box was for the Asia / Oceania area and the web services couldn't be activated because the SSL certificate was missing. After a difficult search on the web I managed to get ahold of the Western Europe / USA setup CD (version V27.1) and finally I succedeed in configuring the web services and installing the required SSL certificates on the camera.
I'm not going to publicly post any link, but if you're still looking for a solution, feel free to contact me via PM.

I know this has been dead for a while however i have just bought a 760d and cannot for the life of me fix this problem.
I am using a mac and have found the root file on device and it is dated 29/03/2011 is this correct. EOS utility states ssl cert is out of date and new cert will be downloaded to camera. I can add and remove items via canon gateway no problem i just cant connect to web services wirelessly I keep getting the same ssl error.
I have also tried a windows laptop its exactly the same camera requires ssl cert updating says its updating and still it doesnt work please someone help this i driving me nuts.

Got it to work had to use the wps button on my router and all is now ok,


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