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6D and Yongnuo: Anyone used YN-568EX and/or YN 622c triggers on a 6D yet?

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TWI by Dustin Abbott:
I've got the 622C's and 580EXII and 430EXII and they work flawlessly.  Modelling also works well.  I did a "hair toss" shoot (don't have permission to share these images) in near dark conditions and the modelling allowed me to focus accurately and fairly quickly every time (obviously I did pre-focus for this kind of thing).

I just got a 568EX from Amazon today.  It turns on and fires with the camera in manual mode, but I've tried it on a 5D II and a 60D and can't get the cameras to recognize it.  Both cameras show no external flash warnings when I try to get to the settings menu.

Anyone else have the same problem?


--- Quote from: ScottyP on December 22, 2012, 10:29:50 PM ---Curious.  Was thinking of getting one, and maybe the YN 622C.  Specific comments on the exact matchup, or even comments on any of the specific pieces.  Thanks!

--- End quote ---

I recently shot a wedding and i had problems with the bypass hot shoe on these triggers using a Canon 6D. The Triggers work great with 6D. I narrowed the problem down to the hot shoe on the trigger while mounted on my camera. (trigger on camera hot shoe and flash on bypass hot shoe) the flash would not fire my remote flash would always fire but the one on top of my camera would not fire. I actually had to hold it (push down) for the flash to i was annoyed by that from these triggers.

I have one pair of YN622c. Fires my 600ex-rt perfectly. The long cable now sits in my closet and doesn't get used any more.

I'm thinking of getting another pair of YN622c and one or two flashes, but I don't know what would work wit my current setup. 430ex is definitely on my short list. But I'm strongly considering Yongnuo flashes as they have very good review on amazon. Question is which one I should get? There are a few Yongnuo models and I'm so confused about their differences. Any comments would be appreciated.

ive got the 568ex and it works a dream. I got it hooked up to my 550D and ive taken around 1000+ photos with it and it hasnt skipped a beat.  :)


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