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Many thanks, may I ask which lowepro fits it best?   Would love a wee leather ever ready type but can only fond them on ebay, which I no longer trust.

Hi Paul,

Sorry took so long but I was away and then had to dig it out of my closet and look up info at Lowepro site since I didn't have model number.

The kit I bought at Costco came with a leather case Canon PSC-3200 with a belt loop. However, it is very snug and has no room or pockets for anything else :( So I looked around and found a Lowepro water resistant fabric pouch (Ridge 20) that was a perfect fit and had a zippered pocket for extra cards and an expandable 2nd pocket for extra battery, etc. It was only about $10 USD (now on the for Ridge 20.. sells for $13USD).

I just now took a photo for side by side comparison. The leather was really too snug and I worried when it got wet, it might shrink :(

Hope this helps. I'm sure there are lot of other candidates but I found the Ridge 20 perfect size and quite small. I usually forgot it was on my belt and a quick unzip and the camera was out and ready in 2 seconds.

Brilliant, many thanks. Leather case looks very smart but take your point re: practicality

Thank you once again

Opted for a manfrotto nano iii, right price, right size nice design.

Could only find the lowepro ridge online and really wanted something today.

Thanks again.

You're very welcome. Best wishes for many great shots. :)


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