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--- Quote from: serendipidy on June 14, 2012, 03:22:14 AM ---Took my first vacation to England and France in 20 years last October. I seriously thought about taking my new 7D and several lens, but then decided I wanted to travel very light (it was a 2 month trip) and was also worried about theft, damage, etc. So, after some research, I bought the Canon SX230 just for this trip. It's definitely not the IQ of a DSLR, but it took some really good photos and easily fit in my shirt pocket. Allowed me to savor each moment instead of trying to get the perfect shot. I will attach several examples at various focal lengths. All were hand held and used the "super vivid" scene setting since I like bright colors. These 2 were taken on the England Cotswolds tour:   #1-  28mm equivalent focal length       #2-  37mm focal length.   Hope this helps in your decision.

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--- Quote from: serendipidy on June 14, 2012, 03:27:49 AM ---Here are 2 more examples using the Canon SX230 hand held with "super vivid" setting. These are from the south of France just east of Nice.   #1-  220mm equivalent focal length    #2-  maximum 392mm equivalent focal length.   Thanks for looking.

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Serendipity, thank you for sharing your beautiful images, just the tonic for the current drizzle I'm enduring.

Also great to get the direct input of an actual user, I also have a 7d!  So that bodes well.

Between the 220 (230 without gps) and the 240 ( model on without gps) fighting a chest infection so will hope fully pick something up later in week.


You are very welcome. I did some research looking for a good P&S pocket camera for my 2 month holiday and the SX230 seemed the best at that time. I didn't need GPS so could have saved with the SX220. Don't know much about the 240 but it might have some upgrades. Being an amateur, I thought the 230 did a wonderful job. Took lots of memorable photos.

Good luck with your decision and hope you get well soon. Have a happy new year :)

A few more from that holiday with my new SX230..


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