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Patent: Integrated Lens for an APS-C Compact Camera?

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Canon should take aim at the RX100. Extremely compact. Fast AF like the G15. And they'll have a winner.

Merely replacing the lens in the G1X isn't going to do much for sales.

Mt Spokane Photography:
The G1X was overpriced.  I bought the deal which included camera and 95000 MK II printer for $399 net(After rebate) from Adorama last fall.  Thats about the right price.  It does a excellent job at that price point, but not at $800.

Amazon is selling the G1X at $629 and the RX100 at $648

Anyway, I took quite a few thousand photos with the G1X and loved all the images I got from it. My main camera is the 5D2 and I have a few Canon glass. It does not make sense for me to invest in another mirorrless lens system for my leisure camera.

The G1X is a great one lens solution for me. I do hope Canon would address the macro distance and short battery life issues in the next version though.



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