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Patent: Integrated Lens for an APS-C Compact Camera?

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Sounds strange. I can think of exactly one feature that might make me want such a camera: if the lens were a real macro lens. Even then f/2.8-6 doesn't sound particularly appealing, but with otherwise good feature set (like flexible LCD) and right price might make it tempting.


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--- Quote from: infared on December 26, 2012, 09:24:11 AM ---(I chose could purchase an incredible MFT intrchangeable-lens camera with kit zoom lens and money left over to buy another lens for the $800 Canon introduced the G1X at. I wonder why it didn't sell?)

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Exactly, MFT has a better offer for the same or lower price, even though the sensor es a bit smaller, if you're in the market for a "compact" camera with SLR-like features, you know there will be compromise. Their cameras are a lot smaller and some are even pocketable.

18-70 f2.8-6? Trends are going into fast lenses on compacts now (thank god), and you give us f6? No way José.

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I think the sensors of the G1X and MFT are VERY close in size...and the new Sony sensor that is in the Olympus OMD and EPL-5 is excellent for noise and dynamic range. The Oly cameras all have IBIS which really ads another dimension. It's as if Canon lives in its own little world putting a newer sensor in a totally antquated body style. And then the price tag attached to a camera of thAt genre made it doomed from the ...
This new patent is kind of odd.

Compact cameras are dying. But all camera companies, not just Canon, don't seem to beleive it. Sales, for everyone, have taken hugh hits in the last year. But everyone keeps anouncing more compact cameras that don't/won't sell. Meh!!

Large companies tend to live in the past, i.e. we always sold a lot of P&S cameras and we always will. Thinking like that is what almost destroyed Kodak. Thinking like this is also the reason for the lackluster EOS M -- people really want P&S cameras or DSLRs, mirroeless is just a passing fad. Meh!!


I'd like to see an APS-C sensor in an S110-type body, I'd be ok with a fixed 22mm or 25mm f/2.8 lens for that.

given that Sony is selling the RX1 for about $2800, if Canon put a similar fixed 35 f/2 lens on an APS-C sized sensor, it would definitely be way cheaper, right?  like, $1800, or maybe less?

frankly, I wouldn't mind a G1X type body with a G1X-sized sensor (even with its slighly excessive bulk, but a diet would also be appreciated) if they gave up a fast, wide, [zoom] lens instead of an elephantine zoom.  how about a 24mm - 35mm f/1.8?  or a 21mm - 40mm f/2.8?

Canon is trying so hard to make these one-off cameras be a jack-of-all-trades but really, instead of giving us a swiss army knife, we end up instead with a blunt butter knife.  the G1X does everything, sort of, and nothing very well at all.  a little more clarity of design vision would go a long way into convincing consumers that there is, in a fact, a reason to own one of these.


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