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Author Topic: Upgrade from 6D from 450D  (Read 11593 times)


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Re: Upgrade from 6D from 450D
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2012, 05:03:00 PM »
Been pondering a change to full frame for a while now, the 6D has whet my appetite, but in order to fund, I'm proposing to sell a fair bit of crop kit, specifically my current 450D and kit 18-55mm lens, my 15-85mm, my 10-22mm and possibly my very underused 70-300 IS - which would net me about £1000-1200, leaving me to find about £450 to buy a 6D body.

I'm left with the 135mm L and 50mm 1.4, but I'm wondering about a wide option, my local camera shop has a second hand 28-135mm for £125, would I be selling myself short and better off with a cheapish wide prime, 28mm 1.8 perhaps ?  Looking at my shots in the last year, my 135mm & 50mm have been used most, I'm using my 15-85 and 10-22 mostly at their widest.

I'm keen to slowly build a good lens set, interested in the yet to be released 24-70 f4, plus the 8-15 in due course, I'm not shooting much beyond 135mm as I generally shot portraits, plants and landscape, but my lingering thought right now is just how much gain will I get from the upgrade, specifically in terms of light collecting performance, imagine noise and colour rendition over my 450D

Go on, help me press the button - and no buy a 5DIII pundits thanks ;-)

No advice... just thoughts.

First thought is - I'm sure glad I didn't invest in EF-S lenses... (and I say that again 1000x under my breath).
Second - having had a EOS400, the difference between that and the 7D are "ok noticeable", but between it and the 5D2, is night and day.  You'll be blown away with the 6D.

Third, if you're not using the long zoom, sell it.  Ok thats advice... sorry.

Fourth, maybe get that 28/1.8, use it now, as you sell off some kit.  Watch for the 6D prices to come down.  Its only been out for about six weeks... prices WILL fall at the dealer level - in terms of instant rebate, or kitting or such.  MAP pricing prohibits some discounts, but... you can often get a small kit - with good essentials - for the same as the MAP price, etc etc... you just have to shop and keep an eye open for deals.

And finally... even tho the 7D isn't a quantum leap in image quality over the 450D, it is a quantum leap in everything else.  Right now, I'd not trade the 7D at all - period.  It does too much too well to even consider it.  I'm saying this because you can get a 7D now for $999US a super deal, in case the 6D trade-off/trade-up doesn't work out.

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Re: Upgrade from 6D from 450D
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2012, 05:03:00 PM »


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Re: Upgrade from 6D from 450D
« Reply #16 on: December 29, 2012, 05:58:19 PM »
Too late Charlie, I've bought the 6D and yep, although I've only used in in the living room tonight so far, I'm pretty pleased so far.  User controls aren't much of a change from my old 450D, the 50mm is just perfect, the extra bits like 9 shot bracketing are promising, the GPS & Wifi ?  Well so far, I'm not seeing much value in them.

As for investing in EF-S, so far, I'm looking at selling my 10-22 & 15-85 for about 80% of what I paid for them, for the use I've had, I don't see it as an unwise investment and fully recommend both lenses to anyone stepping up from kit lenses.  Yep, the 70-300mm isn't used much, I thought I'd need it when I set out on my DSLR journey, but generally prefer wide and portrait lengths.

What do I want now ?   I've got a few ideas, but ain't going to go rushing in, a 24m prime would be nice, perhaps the 24-70mm f4 when it comes out (near macro and sharpness), also fancy a 8-15mm in time...  That's my next few years mapped out, but might see what comes up on the second hand pages of my local camera shop, grab a bargain ;-)
Regards, Haydn

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Re: Upgrade from 6D from 450D
« Reply #17 on: December 29, 2012, 06:05:56 PM »
28-135 would be a disservice to the 6D.  A mediocre lens.

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Re: Upgrade from 6D from 450D
« Reply #17 on: December 29, 2012, 06:05:56 PM »