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I know there was a thread on images from this humble little lens in 2011, but it appears to have been held in such contempt there were zero replies !!

With all the excitement around the arrival of the new 35 f2 IS and the Sigma f1.4, how about posting your best shots taken with the old 35 f2 ?

At Building Panoramics we now have an EF 35 f1.4, and guess what - at the apertures that we use this little lens is just as good. ( The same cannot be said for the manual focus however.................)

Here are a few of our images taken with this lens. For those that are interested Selby Abbey was the first Benedictine Monastery founded in the North of England after the Norman conquest in 1066.

The church looks like its a rendering, really cool :D im also thinking about getting the 35mm f2 from canon since the other options are too expensive for me and sometimes im just too lazy to use my m42 35mm lens and manual focus with my tiny "keyhole" viewfinder. liveview is not handy for me.

i heard the 35mm f2 is just average but the photos on pixel-peeper dont look bad to me...confused :(

I love this little lens. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.  But nice and small and light.  Perfect on a crop.

Ok. I couldn't help myself.  A couple more.


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