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A1200 for $35


Just ordered a little Powershot A1200 from the refurb store. At $35, how can you go wrong? Sale ends today.

The OVF is what got me. That, and the simplicity, I guess. Throw in a couple of AA batteries, paste it to your face and go shooting.

No RAW, no IS of any kind. But an f/2.8 28mm zooms to f/5.9 at 112mm.

And if it gets run over by a bus, no big deal (just get it off your face before the bus comes!).

Mt Spokane Photography:
Yes, its a good deal.
 Canon is dumping a lot of the older models trying to reduce inventory and bring in a little money.  They typically do this every year, but cuts seem deeper this year since P&S sales are really poor.


Sale ends tomorrow, midnight. (December 31, 2012)


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