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*EDITED* USB Cable for 5D Mark III

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I want to run my laptop as an external (EDIT) monitor.  I am using the USB cable that came with my camera to test out the EOS Utility.  My question however is do I need a special USB cable or will any of them with a mini end work?  The one that comes with the camera looks to have a fuse on each end or something.  I'm looking at buying a 25 ft or at least a 10 ft cable.  Something of that nature.

Thanks for the feedback!  I love this forum!

It's a standard cable, so any mini USB cable will work. Those lumps are ferrite beads to reduce interference:

Bear in mind that the USB 2.0 standard is only designed to work with cables up to 5m. You might get away with something longer, but nothing's guaranteed to work when you break the rules.

great feedback.  thank you!

i didnt know that they are only designed up to 5m.  Do you know of any other options?  I want to be able to have my DP monitor the footage from the laptop several feet from the cinematographer. 

Also....  am I to be looking for a 5 pin or 8 pin or what would be the best bet?

If 5m isn't enough, I guess you could use an external monitor with a laptop placed strategically between the two, maxed out on both runs of cable. Or get a WFT-E7 wifi adapter for cable free remote live view.

USB 2 (as on the 5D III) is 5 pin, so that's the one you want. USB 3 is 9 pin, and those cables won't fit mini USB 2 sockets.


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