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The new Canon 24-70 f2.8 ii - A review with images from a reportage photographer

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Mark Carey:
Hi, Im a documentary wedding photographer who also shoots street photography. I hadnt realised there was a review section in these forums so forgive me for showing this a little late in the day. I outline my views, with images, of what it is like to use this stunning lens, as my only lens, on a 10 hour shoot.

Hi, just a tiny observation: one important characteristic of a lens is its color rendition. It's kinda of hard to evaluate it when most of your shots are B&W :)

Mark Carey:
Well, you've got me there :) - they are indeed a lot of black and white conversions - but there are a lot of images so quite a few colour ones too.  The later posts on my blog will predominantly shot be with the new 24-70 with some 85mm as well. Not the latest post on Calcutta - they are all shot with a 35mm f2.

First time I've seen a comprehensive review that makes me reconsider wanting this overpriced lens.  Great write up!  In addition, the composition of the shots and your documentary style appeals to me and fits my intended use.  I may have missed it because I skimmed the write up but what flash setup did you use?  What was the average ISO you had to use to get your shots indoors?  (Is that perhaps why you convert to B&W and let the white highlights blow out, to recover/mask some high ISO issues?  Or just the style you want?)  I'm also impressed that you were able to get so many of the indoor shots to focus with the 5D3.  Or, were these just the keepers?  What was your average keeper rate due to AF of the 5D3 in lower light shots?


Your street photography is wonderful :)
You've captured India very sincerely without the usual shock horror of poverty.

Could you comment on which camera + lenses you used for each set?
I particularly love the shoot from Vietnam!
I'm heading to Vietnam and Cambodia to shoot next year.

I've just about given up on Canon, having tried lots of lenses to get the look I'm after.
Not even the new Sigma 35mm worked for me.
I prefer my Fuji's (X-Pro1 and XE-1) for my work, which is 99% travel and street.

I have a 24-70 II arriving on Wednesday and if that can't scratch my itch, it'll be either Nikon D800E or Leica M for me.

Keep up the great work and if you are on 500px, please share...

Happy New Year



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