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Author Topic: Canon Announces The PowerShot N  (Read 39424 times)


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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
« Reply #75 on: January 08, 2013, 02:39:08 AM »
While I am not really too much interested in this "instant sharing thing" and am therefore also not in the market for a "connected camera" (but I am also not the one wasting my time on generic social networks, but more on special interest sites like this  ;)), I think Canon's foray into this market segment make a whole lot more sense than, e.g., Samsung's Galaxy or Nikon's Android camera.
Instead of putting  the whole infrastructure (mobile OS, network, radio, etc.) into the camera and that way duplicating what any user in this market segment already has in his smartphone, connecting to and using the existing infrastructure has many benefits:
  • No need to "maintain" two Android devices -- AFAIK at least the Samsung Galaxy camera (or was it the Nikon counterpart?) does not have telephony support, so you would still need to carry a smartphone with you anyway. And even if they did have telephony and all the other features -- due to the laws of physics, to get any decent image quality, a true camera smartphone (with the emphasis on "camera") needs to be bigger (larger sensor, leading to larger lenses) than I would like my phone to be
  • Independence of the devices: Emptying the camera battery will still allow me to use the smartphone for everything else and vice versa. This independence also allows me to make the same choice I have today when shopping for a  "dumb" camera, simply put, I can trade reduced camera size for a loss in image quality. If cameras from all segments offered such a kind of connectivity feature, I would not be forced to buy an inseparable bundle, where usually I have to compromise on either the camera or the smartphone side (or probably both). Instead, just like today, I could decide to bring my connected DSLR when possible, but do with my much smaller connected P&S when I can't justify the size and bulk of lugging a DSLR around, but not loose the connectivity features.
  • Decoupled development cycles: Smartphone development cycles are much shorter than those for cameras. Of course no one is really forcing you to upgrade a smartphone, but smartphone vendors are making a habit of offering OS updates for their devices for only a very limited time span. From the moment you don't get any security updates anymore, you are pretty much at risk (or have to start fiddling around with custom ROMs etc.)
    For cameras, however, technical progress, in particular in sensor technology and optics is much slower, making it much harder to justify throwing it away every two years.
    Of course this doesn't mean that camera vendors won't find ways to make you connected camera obsolete...  ;)

So, while I am not too happy with Canon's recent launches in the DSLR segment (in particular the insane pricing, but also the available features), I think they got something right with the Powershot N -- at least conceptually. We'll see how it fares in practice.



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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
« Reply #76 on: January 08, 2013, 05:27:38 AM »
I know I would probably never buy this camera but then this camera is not aimed at the likes of me but more for people like my fiance and her friends. They don't care for the IQ or noise level or full frame sensor, they want photos of friends they can edit and make it 'funny' to upload on facebook. For every friend I have that has an DSLR, I bet I will know five others with the N.


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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
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There seems to be two different threads going here, one 5D II vs 5D III and the other about the Powershot.

I for one agree that if you own a 5D II I would not have upgraded to the 5D III. I tend to keep my technology longer than that, and normally give such things a 5-year lifespan. Let's not forget the 5D II is a very good camera, and if you live somewhere the second hand market is not that hot, then why change.

As for the N - how heavy is it? Looks very nice and light, but not sure what the advantage is over something like a Samsung Galaxy Note II. If all people are doing with it is for FB and other social media, why carry two machines - especially as you are not likely to forget your phone?
1D X + backup + different L lenses etc.


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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
« Reply #78 on: January 08, 2013, 10:55:50 AM »
People are quick to hate. Remember when the 5DMKIII came out  :o yet now everyone things its incredible...

Think its quite intriguing! I would give it a go!
Really? I still think the 5D3 has a craptastic sensor, with its decade old DR capabilities.

Not everyone bends over to Canon's marketing machine. Me and most of my friends are still shooting our 5D2s, happily waiting for the 5D4 / 5DX or whatever the next generation will be called.

I guess people who think the 5D3 is a great upgrade from the 5D2, will also like the Powershot N. They will buy anything that Canon throws at them.

The 5d2 was a flawed camera and never bothered with one. The d700 was brilliant in AF + Noise, but no better than my 5Dc for resolution and video.

I jumped from the 5Dc ----> 5D3 but I freely admit that 3500$ retail was overpriced. After it all said and done, I rather have the 5D3 over D700 or D800.


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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
« Reply #79 on: January 10, 2013, 12:14:00 AM »
SOLD my s100. No more little tiny sensor nor crop for me :-X

Standing by for FF mirrorless. Otherwise, the Sony RX-1 is look real good. Both body and lens are so SOLID

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Re: Canon Announces The PowerShot N
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