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Tools for light painting!


What do you all use to light paint? I'm loving the sense of motion El wires gives you!

Nice editing... Like it.


--- Quote from: ibecamewe on January 10, 2013, 05:27:31 AM ---Nice editing... Like it.

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Thanks...the only thing done to this photo was boosting saturation with red. Other than that, this is a single long exposure.

i taught painting with light for several semesters and though i never delved into enough personally to get that good i did have one student that really took to it. her work can be viewed here:

one of my college professor's also used the technique extensively even back in film days. did alot of creative portraiture. his work can be seen here:

and finally, back in the days of film i was a big fan of View Camera magazine and they featured an artist by the name of Berthold Steinhilber who did some phenomenal landscapes with the paint with light technique. they had a great article on him in the Feb 2000 issue where he spoke about his tools and techniques to get his shots. dug up his site here:

very cool stuff. never had the patience to explore it myself extensively but i really enjoy what others have done with it.

Very good stuff, guys! Thanks for sharing! Here's a few more of mine!


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