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Inside the Canon EOS-1D C

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Canon Rumors:
Is it different from the EOS-1D X?

We had a chance to peer inside the EOS-1D C (No photos allowed) to find out how much it differed from the EOS-1D X. The differences are minimal, the biggest change is theĀ heat sinkĀ inside the camera to keep the sensor circuitry cool during 4K video operation.

The EOS-1D X has some traces of the EOS-1D C firmware code and the features are locked. We don’t know how much of the firmware is the same.
Third Party Firmware?

I was told by someone at Canon that they would “bring the might of its legal team” to anyone that attempts to modify at the software level, the features of an EOS-1 camera body. So I think the firmware community out there today will probably leave the EOS-1D X alone.
More to come on this topic I’m sure. I am hopeful that someone provides pictures of the inside of the EOS-1D C in direct comparison to the EOS-1D X.
Why does it cost so much more?

Production of the EOS-1D C is going to be a lot less than even the limited production EOS-1D X. Especially when you compare the numbers to the 5D Mark III or a Rebel. The software development will also add a lot of cost to the camera. How much bigger their margin is on the EOS-1D C over the EOS-1D X? I have no official word on that, but I’d love to hear about it.
Canon EOS-1D C at B&H Photo for $11,999

Somebody is going to crack that 4k video capability in the 1DX.

.... they say laws are meant to be broken & there are many out there chomping at the bit to do it.

Indeed. As a proof of concept, one who has resources, will crack it sooner or later. It's always been like this. Other thing is, what to do with this knowledge.

There isn't much of a legal leg to stand on.

The magic-lantern team is very careful to never redistribute Canon-copyrighted binaries or code of any sort, and the kind of reverse engineering that they do is entirely legal.

I think the price of getting a 1D-X for the various developers who are capable of performing such work is probably going to be the biggest barrier to entry, really, than the actual technical work itself.

(And my guess is that they will try to use an even harder level of encryption than they have on their previous firmwares, but they probably wont succeed to well at that)

Daniel Flather:
Maybe someone from a certain rental place will buy one and open it up for us to see.   ;)


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