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Anyone else intrigued by the new Fuji X20 and X100s

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I have been saving for a Fuji X-E1 but these make me want to rethink that because the main complaint of the X-E1 and X-Pro1 has been the AF is a tad slow and the lack of good workflow (being solved with next iteration of capture one pro)

If they update the X-E1 with this new AF I am definitely sold not to mention the slew of other features better sensor 1080p60 focus peaking

not really until they fix their appalling customer service...

nice tech, nice retro look, but have any problems with it and its a real PITA

Intrigued? Yes.

Love the look of the X20. I'll wait to see what the reviews say. The X10 was said to have a fairly pathetic viewfinder. Supposedly, they've improved that. I've toyed with the X10 and the G1X. Neither has convinced me, but Fuji may be getting closer with the X20.

Definitely, maybe buy both....currently have X10 as my walkaround, amazing little camera....have been putting off on purchasing the X100 until I saw what was to come next, now the X100s will be in my kit at some point soon..

I am intrigued by the X100S.  Fuji seems to have addressed every problem of the original X100.  The list of improvements is very impressive.  They seem to have extracted the best suggestions from various X100 user wishlists and said "Build it!". 


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