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Canon 6D review and Canon 6D vs 5D mark III

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syncspeed is 1/180s not 1/160s.. i hope your review is not full of such errors.

My girlfriend and I just picked up a 6D, and so far, I'm not really enjoying it as much as my 7D.  I cannot get used to the button layout, and prefer the zoom function for image preview to be thumb access instead of scroll wheel.  The iso button is in an awkward place the the selector wheel on the back of the camera is extremely annoying to use.  My biggest pet peave is the display.  I find it near impossible to view in any kind of sun and the brightness display is strange as well.  If you increase the brightness to be able to see it, you cannot use it judge exposure at all.  I agree that you should set your exposure based on the internal exposure meter, but that does not seem super accurate either.  I use highlight alert, and that helps, but the display should more closely match the image shot.  It's like trying to use  non color corrected monitor to view your images.  It's useless. 

I'm sure much of this will come down to getting used to it, but that display issue is going to make me ditch this camera if I can't figure out a solution.

I really wanted to like the 6D but I got to hold it and coming from a 7D it really doesn't feel right. Also I don't like the controls. But I've never shot with it so I can't really judge it.

It's just that it feels just a bummer, even if it takes great photos in low light it's still only 1 feature more that the 5dII. I understand people who say that a camera should just take good pictures, but it's not so anymore and features are important nowadays.

I understand that in terms of business Canon hit the jackpot since they made people buy it by offering the lowest features set they could think of (ok ok GPS/WI-FI..), but in my opinion they've done a great disservice to many.

People have said that it's an entry level FF that appeals to Rebel users upgrading to FF, but that doesn't necessarily imply that they are the only ones who could buy it. Also for sure Rebel users would not have minded a more pro feature set, and for sure that would have won the sympathies of a wider audience.

I'm so angry also to the idea of "not wanting to hurt the 5dIII sales" because they just had to downscale that machine a little bit to make them not compete. Put 9 autofocus points instead of a gazzillion like in the 5dIII, limit the FPS to 3 or 4 and that's it!! the cameras won't compete and people who shoot fast will buy 5dIII and the others 6D.

Sigh. Money please continue to drop on me, 5dIII is still far away..


--- Quote from: Canon-F1 on March 24, 2013, 03:11:00 PM ---syncspeed is 1/180s not 1/160s.. i hope your review is not full of such errors.

--- End quote ---

And in practice there is Naf all difference between 1/180 and 1/200 anyway


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