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I'm amazed by my 5D Mark iii

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steven kessel:
I've used a 7D for a while, mainly for wildlife photography, and I love the camera.  A couple weeks back I took the plunge and ordered a 5D Mark iii.  It arrived day before yesterday and I immediately mated it with my 100-400 FL 4.5-5.6.  I've spent the last two days prowling around and photographing birds.

The differences between this camera and my 7D are simply amazing.  The autofocus on the 7D is pretty good.  On the Mark iii it is fantastic.  I have been able to acquire subjects in lighting that would have been out of the question in the 7D.  Noise reduction is far superior in the Mark iii.  With my 7D my "go to" ISO is 320.  I've been shooting at 640 with the Mark iii and the images are far less noisy than at 320 on my 7D.  The metering seems to be superior as well.  Spot metered photos with the Mark iii seem to be far less influenced by contrasty backgrounds than with the 7D.  Finally, the full frame format is not an apparent disadvantage for shooting wildlife because I can crop my images with much less loss of detail than with the 7D.

This is a wonderful camera and that's based on only two days and couple hundred images' use.  I'd thought I'd use my 7D as a backup for the Mark iii but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever put the Mark iii down.

steven kessel:
I should have included this with my post.  A Greater Roadrunner.  Shot at ISO 640.


--- Quote from: steven kessel on January 10, 2013, 09:20:11 PM ---I should have included this with my post.  A Greater Roadrunner.  Shot at ISO 640.

--- End quote ---
Lovely shot. Yes the 5D3 is a great camera. I went from the Digital Rebel 300D to the 5D3 so you can imagine my delight! I could not shoot above ISO 400 without the picture looking grainy...

East Wind Photography:
I shoot in RAW and post with PS CS5.  With the 5diii I find I can easily shoot to ISO 1000 and process out most of the noise.  Some grain is ok as long as its random and not patterned and if your not cropping down to the limits of everything.

I also find that the full frame format makes it easier to acquire subjects at 400mm+.  Cropping down doesn't hurt much as you have 21MP to work with compared to 18 on the crop sensors.

I switch back and forth and always come back to the 5diii for its ability to focus on essentially nothing and its low noise.  If the 7dii is anything close to the 5diii I will likely get that too.  That would be an amazing pair to have at my disposal.

It is so refreshing to see a satisfied customer among all the whining we do here :). Congrats on the new gear!


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