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5D3 shooting my cat at ISO 51k at 6:30 a.m.

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Hi, I know it has been done before. But this morning I was shooting my cat at ISO 51200 in an almost dark bedroom at 6:30 a.m. today. Canon 5D3, Canon EF 50 F/1.4 @ F/1.6, 1/40 sec. While a small amount of ambiental light fingered into the room I manually focussed at the animals ears which I saw better than it's eyes, therefore the face is slightly out of focus. Photograph above: no NR applied. Photograph below: NR value in both Luminance Noise & Chromniance Noise: 14 out of 20 in Canon's free software Digital Photo Professional. This goes way beyond my wildest enthusiast amateur dreams! Watch it in full mode, although due to reduction in post for webupload the difference is less obvious. But the pic without NR looks as grainy as back in the filmdays...But that's quite awesome at these ISOs! 8)

BildpaketKLEIN by Peter Hauri, on Flickr

Wow, impressive, indeed. And I still have a 5D2 ....
However, but maybe that's because I still partly shoot film, I prefer the image without NR. While the NR obviously looks excellent for the out-of-focus background, I think some detail in the fur of the cat is lost.

I as well was completely blown away with the high iso of my 5d mk iii,  I shot a concert at 25k, with noise, but, completely acceptable.  Also, I have finally been getting amazing shots with my 50 1.4.

Pretty impressive, as are your other night shots.

Does this mean you sleep with your 5D as well as the cat ?  ;D


--- Quote from: Sporgon on January 11, 2013, 08:23:51 AM ---Pretty impressive, as are your other night shots.

Does this mean you sleep with your 5D as well as the cat ?  ;D

--- End quote ---

@Sporgon: LOL. No, the cat sneaks in every morning. Attached to the bedroom there is a balcony where it normally sleeps in its "nest". So, my wife let it in...The room although slightly enlighted was still very dark. I could hardly see the cat... But the 5D did 8) I am amazed by these shots. Even the one w/o NR looks usable. I appreciate your comments related to my nightphotography. Cheers, Pedro.

To the other fellow posters: Thanks for contributing!


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