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Since you mentioned Red Sox, Big Brain...

If you like baseball, you're going to love the "Flyin' Hawaiian"! We sure miss Victorino here in Phila. In addition to being a fine ball player, he and his wife are just wonderful people! But, he's an Eagle Scout, so what would you expect!!


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--- Quote from: GuyF on January 11, 2013, 01:38:53 PM ---Jeez Neuro, for the huge volume of posts you make, you must have a colossal amount of spare time on your hands! (Not knocking your contributions, just amazed at the number!).

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Yea, I'd say someone has a nice office with a big window... and not much else to do.

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That's presumptuous. Many people do a lot and also comment on their favorite forums....

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and rude, uncalled for

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+1  He's a valuable contributor, you should encourage him to spend more time here. And such negative personal attacks, mild or not, certainly don't encourage anyone to participate on this forum.

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Neuro's posts are both informative and entertaining.  I'm to threads where he is active and having banter with other posters. It's  Like "watching" a soap opera ..... Popcorn needed.

So neuro, keep'em coming!

Neuro can hold his own.

I am more interested in seeing if he was right? :)

Still no confirmation/acknowledgement from the OP if Neuro's answer was correct?


--- Quote from: dilbert on January 11, 2013, 08:33:05 AM ---Camera quiz.. What is this and what camera is it from?

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Hey dilbert, you finally have some vindication.  The new Sony QX series looks like a lens, but in this case it actually IS a camera!   8)


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