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If it's a camera, why does Tom Guilmette, who shoots Red Sox games at Fenway Park (which I can see from my office, incidentally) discuss shooting games with a, "Sony HDC-910 camera head with a 75x (9.5mm to 700mm zoom 1:1.7) Canon HD lens with an optical image stabilizer," (the lens being the DIGISUPER 75 xs, btw)?

(watch the video through to the end - there's a great shot of a plane flying in front of the moon taken at 1400mm (700mm w/ 2x extender)

Heck, even Sony's brochure for the HDC-xxx camera system shows it with Canon Digisuper lenses (although they cloned out the Canon logo :-X ).

Still think it's a camera?

By the way, how'd I do on the 'quiz'?   ;)

Go Red Sox!


--- Quote ---By the way, how'd I do on the 'quiz'?   
--- End quote ---

Hehe. You'll have to ask the person that gave the quiz. As for me, I'm already impressed.  ;D

Jeez Neuro, for the huge volume of posts you make, you must have a colossal amount of spare time on your hands! (Not knocking your contributions, just amazed at the number!).


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