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Author Topic: Can 600EX-RT Be Used As Optical Slave With Elinchrom Like Nikon SB900 In SU-4  (Read 10561 times)


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I'm a newbie with Canon and used to use the Nikon SB900 flashes in SU-4 mode which makes them a manual, optical slave that would fire when any studio flash went off.  Im trying to do the same with the Canon RT600EX but can't find a way for them to fire completely independent of the camera / ST-E3 controller.  Any advise would be much appreciated.
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You need an optical slave trigger.

Many are not compatible with Canon EX Speedlites.  The ones with the green bases at the above link are the ones you want.
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Thank you for the link to the appropriate optical slave and advice.  I shall order a few to keep in my bag.  It's too bad that this great flash can communicate via radio and infrared, but Canon left out a plain vanilla optical trigger.  Go figure.  Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


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you need one of these if you are using your elinchrom skyport trigger

then hook up the 600ex with the pc sync cable and run in manual
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you need one of these if you are using your elinchrom skyport trigger

then hook up the 600ex with the pc sync cable and run in manual

Hi, WickedWombat;

I've tried this setup and I cannot get the 600EX-RT to work when triggered from my Elinchrom transmitter hooked on my 5DIII hot shoe.  I have the following gear:

-Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid (built-in skyport)
-Elinchrom Transmitter plugged in my 5DIII hot shoe
-Canon 600EX-RT
-FlashZebra female hot shoe to PC adapter/cable
-Elinchrom Receiver plugged to the 600EX-RT via the FlashZebra adapter

My 600EX-RT is in manual mode. Oddly, if I trigger my 600EX-RT on the flash unit directly it then communicates with my Elinchrom ranger quadra hybrid system and all flashes (including the 600EX-RT) trigger together wirelessly.  However, if I trigger my flash system via my Elinchrom transmitter or the test flash button on my ranger hybrid, ONLY the Elinchroms fire and not the 600EX-RT.

Why would it only work one way?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Woohoo!  I guess I had to finally post my question after all my searching to finally find the solution:  set to ETTL and Group B.  Then poof! Elinchrom system can wirelessly trigger my 600EX-RT using a Skyport Receiver and FlashZebra female hot shoe to 3.5mm adapter.

Posted the above solution for any other member who might run into this issue!

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