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EOS not good for NASA?

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It's not a secret that NASA uses Nikon cameras and lenses ( after using Hasselblad cameras during the Apollo mission.
Could we reveal the reason?

See Canon, Mr. Joe Adachi, Mr. Fujio Mitarai? Make the damn 14-24 already!!!

It means nothing to me.

It means nothing. RED claim they have 21-stop DR sensor, so why not use a video camera instead? May be just personal taste, there is always someone who stands beyond decisions. The price may be the factor as well.

EDIT: I haven't seen exact number 21, but here's the topic with a screenshot: Enter the Dragon

Mt Spokane Photography:
It makes sense to pick one brand of Camera, after all, you want all your lenses to be interchangable.  That doesn't imply that Hasseblad, Canon, sony or any of the others are not good, just that Nikon was selected, and now that the space station is full of Nikon lenses, that will not change, no matter how good other brands might be.  The cost of a camera is nothing compared to the cost of sending all those lenses into space.


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