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Have a NEX body? Make your EF lenses sharper and faster! - apparantly

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If you have an Sony NEX camera and a bag of EF lenses this metabones adaptor makes some startling claims...
An EOS M killer?
Primarily for video use, why not stills too though?

Product page:

Discussion pages:

Thanks ... Very interesting. However, this here is a deal breaker for me (insofar as preordering is considered) -

"Autofocus accuracy depends heavily on the working condition of the lens. Lenses with hidden problems which may not be apparent on Canon DSLRs will lead to inaccurate and unreliable autofocus on Sony NEX. Typical problems of this kind that we have seen include an unsmooth/erratic autofocus mechanism (e.g. getting stuck intermittently at a certain focusing distance), a faulty/worn-out distance encoder or other faulty/worn-out internal sensors."

This caveat will explain everything if the customer complains regarding AF.

Neat idea though ... I will wait to see the reviews on this.

Nice idea - a reverse 1.4x TC to almost bring the native lens length to the 1.5x crop sensor of the NEX cameras. The claim of adding a stop sort of makes sense too - after all, it is almost the same as using an f2.8 FF lens natively on that small sensor, instead of an effective f4.2 aperture and crop with the small NEX sensor. Its a similar concept to the dated Nikon E series DSLR's.

I really can't imagine the end results being comparable to a FF canon SLR though. Or even able to rival a good EF-S lens on an EF-S body. And who wants to use huge FF SLR lenses on a small body? With its native lenses, the NEX range already looks like a coke can taped on to an iPhone...

So basically a 50mm 1.8+Speed Boost on a Super 35mm sensor gives you roughly the same DOF/FOV as a 50mm 1.8 on a FF Body. That's is awesome. So, basically each lens you own will become two lenses with this adapter.

Why not? Here is all I could find when looking for an example:

Metabones Speed Booster lens test on Vimeo


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