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Chicken-Sausage Gumbo Video: 5D3, still working to learn lighting/color correct


Hi all,

I've posted my latest edition of my cooking show on youtube: CWI- Cooking While Intoxicated: Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo

I think I'm getting better at my editing...and this was my first attempt really using extra lighting (other than what is just in the room).  I have a couple of stands I'm using, with clamp lights...and some diffusers.

I know I have a LOT to work on with that, and it wasn't until I reshot ONE last scene, that I discovered that I had not had the proper white balance set.
I bought one of those ExpoDisc things to set custom white balance....but I didn't know that you had to set it AND set the white balance setting to use custom too...(D'oh).

So, I had a heck of a time cleaning up the color on the video, but I did my best. Also, it seems Davinci Resolve isn't working nice with FCPX with xml round tripping since they were upgraded, so I had to try to learn to do what I could with FCPX's native color and masking tools.

Anyway, I'm getting better I think, as I go along. I love doing this, so I'm learning a bit more on every time, by watching TV/Movies and analyzing how they do things...and with my editing, doing audio...remembering to record room tone in case I have to dub something...etc.

So, please give me your thoughts and suggestions...I'm still quite the noob, but I'm trying to learn.


ps. If you like good gumbo, I'd suggest this recipe...I brought the leftovers to work the next day, and it disappeared in about 5 min after the work got out. And most of my co-workers are born and bred cajuns or from New Orleans proper.


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