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How did they make this vid?

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A couple of friends and me want to do a video like the "DollarShaveClub" vid.

But how did they do it? A steady-cam and focus puller? A Dolly? What about the light and sound? What lens?

I shoot with a 5D mark III and 50mm.

Thanks - Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Denisas Pupka:
First shot probably was made with slider, the rest with flycam. Not sure about lenses, but for this kind of shooting I would probably choose ~35mm, or maybe even wider, and aperture not opened too much, because will be difficult to catch focus at all the time moving subject. 

Looks like it's possibly a dolly - It doesn't have that floating feel that steadycam gives, though it could just be an incredibly talented operator. No focus puller required because (a) they have shot with a fairly deep DOF and (b) the camera stays roughly the same distance from the actor in all the steadycam/dolly shots.

Either steadicam or jib on track and dolly.  Probably latter.

Focus puller on opening shot, probably dedicated crew member, would take a couple of runs at it and use lens markings, or markings on an off camera follow focus.

Mic'd overhead out of frame on boom, possibly some foley work (record actor immediately before take, synch it in over live action shot)

Softbox close to camera, possibly mounted on jib platform for consistent perspective.

Deceptively expensive shoot, very nicely done.  As usual, the more natural it looks, the more expensive and tricky it probably was to do. 

Sith Zombie:
My vote is for dolly, like others have said, It doesn't have that 'floaty' steaicam feel but I guess you could use one of those if your on a budget? To me it looks like they used the same lens all through the shoot, or possibly 2 within in the range of 24mm-35mm. Nice vid tho, hope yours comes out good too  :)


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