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Speed Booster: full frame fov on an APS-C size sensor

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Metabones is going to release an adapter that can give a NEX and X-mount camera a full frame fov. It also decreases the F value.

Read more hore
and here

Im still in doubt if its really that simple as just putting an inversed magnifying glass on the sensor while mainting the same image quality.

Here's the white paper

According to this paper, the Speed Booster can reduce aberration and can therefore increase MTF. Everything seems really good, maybe too good. Can't wait to read some reviews when it's released.

There's a hands-on/ (p)review posted on Philip Bloom's blog:

It's interesting to say the least.

wow this looks cool I would be keen to try one out with a 16-35 on the EOS-M i would hope it retains AF
so it would be effectively 18-40mm f2 FF equivalent Lens that would be awesome since the 16-35 already works pretty well on the EOS-M


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