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Should I go with a 6D or a Mkii while they're cheap

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Hey guys I've seen other threads about this but no updates really in a couple week with any new valuable information. So I'm currently shooting on a T2i of my own but often renting out either 5D mkii's or mkii's even now, (I'm an independent filmmaker) and I finally have the cash on hand to upgrade my own camera so I don't have to spend the money on rentals. If i had the money i'd be getting a mkiii but money is tight snd i shoot with sigma lenses so slong with upgrading my body i need to upgrade my glass as well. Now I know the mkii is a workforce and still capable of great things especially when I can pick up the 5Dv2 moire filter to eliminate that issue. But with the arrival of the 6D I'm kind of torn. I know that the moire on this is even worse but I'm worried if I pick up a mkii now while they're cheap, i could miss out on something great in the 6D with it having the new processor and even higher iso capabilities. Any thoughts?

Again if money wasn't an issue I know the mkiii would be the obvious Answer but 3500 clams is a lot when adding the cost of lenses and what not.

Let me also add I do some still photography as well on the side, and part of the reason I'm considering the 6d at all is because what if there is a moir filter released for that possibly... That completely changes everything...

The 5D2 has less moire than the 6D, with the 5D3 providing the best video quality. That said, the 5D2 is unbeatable considering price, build, and overall value. Personally, the 5D3 can be skipped until the 5D4 is released if you are a 5D2 user. The AF is the largest differentiating factor of the 5D3 compared to the 5D2, with the 6D serving as almost a joke in Canon's lineup... even though the IQ is great, the rest of the camera falls apart and destroys any appeal as an option, even if the current offering at b+h is only $100 more than the 5D2 kit.


--- Quote from: beansauce on January 17, 2013, 11:56:16 PM ---"even though the IQ is great, the rest of the camera falls apart and destroys any appeal as an option, even if the current offering at b+h is only $100 more than the 5D2 kit."

--- End quote ---

Let me see... AF? better than 5D2, less than 5D3.  @$1000 less, this is understandable.  Shutter speed, 1/4000, this is good enough for most people.  It has ISO 50 for those moments there's too much light or you can just plug-in an ND filter.  IQ (ISO, DR, Color), comparable to 1DX, better than 5D3, a lot better than 5D2 especially in terms of ISO performance.  This is actually a bargain if you ask me.  WIFI, GPS, not so important depending on the person using it.  So what's the gripe?  WTH, some wedding photogs even prefer 6D than 5D3 when getting pictures in low-light (flash problem).  @only $100 more than the 5D2 kit, who doesn't want it?  For video, 5D3 is still a lot better or just get a video camera.  Soon, just as 5D2, there will be a moire filter that will be provided for 6D.  Would you still prefer your 5D2 over 6D?  If you really hate 6D, then by all means get a 5D3 or just get a 5D2 and be content but please give facts when dissuading somebody else from buying a 6D.

Yeah I hear ya I know the 6d has massive IQ and ISO improvements that's why I'm in a bind. My only real issue is i suppose, there hasn't been a moire filter released since the two for the 5d mkii and the 7d, and since they fixed the moire issue with the mkiii with the new OLPF, is there really going to be a moire filter for the 6d? I know people with 60d's are still waiting for one... That is honestly the only thing holding me back is the moire(because while I do some still work, my focus is video)


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