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Should I go with a 6D or a Mkii while they're cheap

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TWI by Dustin Abbott:
Here's a single exposure RAW shot taken yesterday and processed normal workflow - this is all in LR4.  I have definitely found that there is less banding when pulling up shadow detail and the graduation to highlights is also smoother compared to 5DII.

I do use HDR occasionally when shooting tough lighting scenes, but I have found already that there is enough dynamic range with the 6D that HDR shows little overall improvement.  I'm impressed:

Road to Perdition by Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott, on Flickr

TWI by Dustin Abbott:

To able to do this all myself with the razor thin depth of field of the 135L is pretty amazing.  I would have had a nightmare trying to execute this concept with my 5DII


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