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Author Topic: 3x Digital Video Crop for 5D3 on new Firmware - Petition  (Read 1626 times)


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3x Digital Video Crop for 5D3 on new Firmware - Petition
« on: January 30, 2013, 10:36:12 AM »
Dear  5D3 users,

Canon has offered us a new Firmware update for 5D3 and we need to ask them to include Digital Video Crop mode why?

As a wildlife video and photography  aficionado I am always interested in having more reach to obtain finer details of the critters that are not so comfortable with my presence in their surroundings.  The standard solution to this legendary problem is to use super-telephotos but this is not always the best solution for all.  Some of the inconveniences of these special lenses are weight, size, and cost. 

For videographers using DSLR cameras with huge megapixel sensors now there is a new and better solution to get more reach.  Unfortunately the lack of understanding of this technology has kept many people from WANTING and requesting (from canon) such extra-reach solution. 

Fortunately this technology was implemented in the Canon t3i  (EOS 600D) so now you can find many videos in
Vimeo that show the capabilities of this technology.

t3i w/ 100mm Macro + 3x Zoom:   T3i w/ 100mm Macro + 3x Zoom on Vimeo
Canon T3i / 600D Macro Test with 3x-10x Zoom Feature: Canon T3i / 600D Macro Test with 3x-10x Zoom Feature on Vimeo

The t3i has an 18 MP sensor of 5184 pix by 3456 pix.  It is important to understand that this sensor is much larger than the pixel size (resolution) of HD video which is only a 1920 x 1080.  So to make HD video with these huge sensors they implement a system of under-sampling to reduce the resolution of the sensor to the resolution required by video.   But what if we only used the center portion of the sensor to make HD video of 1920 x 1080?  Well this is what the new technology calls Cropped Digital Video which was first implemented in D4 and D800 Nikon cameras and also the Panasonic GH2.

So if we look at the numbers and only use the 1920 pixels the ratio between the original 5184 by 1920 represents a 2.7 crop factor or an approximate magnification of 2.7X.  This means that if you used a EF 300 mm f/4 lens and applied this video crop factor you would be obtaining an equivalent magnification of an 810 mm lens at f/4!  (300 X 2.7 = 810 mm).  I addition since this camera is and APC cropped model, there is an additional 1.6 X magnification (as compared to a full frame camera) giving a total reach of  1296 mm.

I assume that this cropped video implementation could be done through a firmware update so I ask everyone of you who are interested in this technology to request canon for such upgrade.  I own a 5D mark III and a 7D only dream of having this kind of feature in my camera.

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Re: 3x Digital Video Crop for 5D3 on new Firmware - Petition
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2013, 09:56:25 PM »
You may be interested to know that the 60D has a 640 by 400 cropped video mode.
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