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Rocket Launch shoot with Canon 1dx

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I'm privilege to work for the European Space Agency, I was lucky enough to be apart of the launch team.
The images were shot about 4 km away I used a Canon 300mm lens.
Please let me know what you think ? This was my 1st launch at night
Looks pretty amazing to me. Thanks!

That's got to be a seriously fun gig, and an amazing experience in person.

The shot works, but I think I'd go a lot brighter -- as in, at least a few stops brighter. I'm guessing the rocket is moving pretty slow that close to the ground. I don't see any motion blur at 1/1000s and not much noise at ISO 800 and no signs of too shallow a depth of field at f/6.3, so you had plenty of room to brighten it up.

I've taken the liberty of fooling with it in ACR; attached is my rough interpretation. Obviously, starting with the original raw file instead of a JPEG would give better results.



Oh -- one more thing.

I think I would have gone for a portrait orientation, pulled back so you had the same field of view and framing at the bottom, but a bunch of black sky above the rocket. There might also be some interesting compositional opportunities with an off-center framing, perhaps with just the towers to the right. It'd also be neat to get a bit more elevation for yourself for the shot, to be able to include the launch pad in the shot rather than have it be obscured by that building. Indeed, if not too unsafe, the roof of that building would be the perfect spot....

Here's hoping you have lots and lots of opportunities to experiment with this...sure wish I did....



Mr Bean:
Nice pic. Night shots (of rockets) are so challenging. I've only done a daytime launch of the Shuttle in Feb 2011 and that worked well, with a bit of bracketing :)


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