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Very soft audio w external mike of EOD 5D3

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The 26th I will have to record a dance performance with live (gamelan) music and I want to have excellent sound quality.
But when I attatch an external mike to the camera, the sound is very very soft (also when I set the audio recording level to a high position).

Using the internal mike does not have this problem, and using the same external mike (Sony ECM-MS957, impedance 600W, a stereo electret mike) on my Tascam DR-100 the sound recording level is just fine.

What causes the problem and what can I do to correct it?

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Mt Spokane Photography:
It should work, make sure the battery is good. 
Make sure the plug is pushed all the way in, and that it is not in the headphone jack (just covering all the bases, so don't feel insulted, you know better, I'm sure).
Lots of people use these on Canon DSLR's.
Its just possible that your mic input on the camera is damaged. 
As a alternative, use a inexpensive external digital recorder and you will get mucho better sound.  You can synch it to the video in post production.  The sound capabilities of DSLR's leave something to be desired.
Hope you get it going!

Thanks for your reply.

The battery is brand new, and with the same battery it works well with the Tascam DR-100, which is (unfortunately) NOT a cheap digital recorder, but a rather expensive and very good one. Cheap ones are not good enough for anything, certainly not for recording a gamelan with its very low gong sounds.
But synchronizing the audio and the video recording afterwards will be difficult for me, I have no experience with such things.

What I think MAY be the case, is the cable connecting the mike with the camera: there is a cable Cannon stereo to two Cannon mono, and a newly made cable Cannon mono (double) to miniplug. (The Tascam uses  Cannon plugs so does not need this cable). Maybe something is wrong with the Cannon --> mini cable?

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I'm far from an audio expert, but wouldn't the DR-100 if it's pro product possibly inject DC power over the XLR connector? Mt Spokane could well be correct on the battery, I've had few new duds, plus possibly the mic is faulty and only works when line powered. Could also be a signficant impedance / level mismatch, but don't really no enough about the charatersitics of either to know if that's likely.

I don't think so. The DR-100 manual says nothing of the sort. The mike does not work on the DR-100 without a full battery installed. The impedance is 600 Ohm, the EOS 5D3 requires between 200 and 2000 Ohm, therefore the ECM-MS957 is well within that range. I will go back to the electronics shop tomorrow to have the cable checked.

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