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anyone used transcend 1000x CF cards?

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Anyone used these yet?
I have been using transcend 400x and 600x cards for ages now and have a dozen or so and never had a problem with any of them, just wondering if anyone have used these new 1000x ones yet and if they are any good

I have not I choose the lexar. At only $20 more for a 32 GB on B&H I would consider just going with the Lexar.

but havent people been having corrupt card issues with the lexars?

Used transcend and sandisk for 3+ years and encountered no problems. I prefer transcend because it's faster than sandisk even with the same specs.

I have 2 Lexar 1000x cards and they work well in my 5D M3.   Only problem is the Lexar express card reader can not read them.   The express card reader handles Sandisk cards flawlessly.   Go figure


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